Charity Auction at Rasoi Waterfront

August, 14 2017

Julie James (Assembly Member) organised a charity auction at Rasoi Waterfront in support of Swans4Cancer on 7th August (with proceeds going to Ty Olwen and Golau Cancer Foundation). When Julie’s assistant Sandra invited Urban Foundry along, Ben nominated Tara and myself to represent the company (am assuming Tara had been instructed to keep an eye … Continue reading “Charity Auction at Rasoi Waterfront”

The Cawdor in Llandeilo

July, 18 2017

My sister Lorna presented me with a Cawdor (boutique hotel in Llandeilo) voucher for Christmas. As a special treat I took my daughter there for a night. My trusty iPhone and Google Maps delivered us safely to the Cawdor’s car park and we checked in. Unfortunately there was a problem with the room we had … Continue reading “The Cawdor in Llandeilo”

The Populars (Volcano Theatre) – Pulp, Pants, Sequins and Sweat

April, 5 2017

Oh I enjoyed this show. It was a cathartic performance of banging music, sweaty dancing and unpretentious dialogue. Songs were unpicked, sequins were donned (and un-donned), audience members were chatted to (and danced with) – all whilst subtly acknowledging that elephant in the room – Brexit (shhhh). If you felt a bit rigid with awkwardness … Continue reading “The Populars (Volcano Theatre) – Pulp, Pants, Sequins and Sweat”