Make Twitter interesting again: Exterminate!

When I first engaged in Twitter, I had no idea what on earth I was doing. I felt a flattering little thrill as random strangers and organisations chose to follow me and I responded with a little follow of my own. As time clicked by, I measured my success in the social media world by how large my entourage of followers had become – despite the fact that this had cost me dearly. Nearly every follower I had gained had been reciprocated, resulting in thousands of accounts shouting for my attention on newsfeeds.

Twitter had become messy, soulless and meaningless. I was wantonly connecting to everyone and anyone. What was the point. Twitter had became a cacophony of noise and it was impossible to claw through the mess to find the nuggets of posts that I actually wanted to read.

When you indulge in social media you need to have an objective. Is it for personal interest? Is it to further your career? Is it to network? Is it to spy on celebrities? If you don’t establish this at the beginning, you’ll end up with a virtual identity crisis.

Cue Extermination Day 2018. After a devastating cold (I exaggerate for dramatic effect), I found myself in bed rather early one evening. And instead of leeching more episodes of Peaky Blinders, I took Twitter to task.

Probably because it’s the social media platform that I use the most often, it was a life-changing event (again I exaggerate for dramatic effect). By unfollowing over a thousand accounts, my newsfeed was reduced to something that I actually wanted to engage with. It was interesting, relevant and personal to MY interests (both personal and business). I could now actually follow the narrative of Tweets and have more chance of spotting posts from accounts I wanted to see. It has made me more productive and interactive. I don’t have to wade through dirty jelly to find compelling content that I wish to respond to or share.

It’s a very cathartic experience and may cost you a bunch of followers but surely now the initial euphoric buzz of social media has plateaued, maybe it is time to make these platforms work for you and your own interests. Do what interests you. Do what best meets the reasons you are on social media.

But most of all exterminate, exterminate, exterminate.

I apologise to anyone who has accidentally been removed in my big cull. It was very late. And I did have a devastating cold. Sniff.

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