New gadget: Minirig Mini Speaker

Minirig Mini

It might be small in stature, but the sound is generous for a speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. The Minirig Mini is my latest purchase to satisfy my gadget itch. I place the blame solely on my friend Alix when she blasted some ska-tastic music in my garden during some very hot days in July. For £99.95 it’s more expensive than my existing Jam Jar speaker but it blows the 4 hour battery time out the water with its 30 hour play time. It’s also less complicated, making it more likely that I will actually use it.

It boasts 15 watts of power and is the loudest speaker for its size. The bass is pretty powerful and easily connects via Bluetooth (and remembers up to 6 devices). Better still, it’s designed and built in Bristol, UK. Keeping it local (ish).

Okay, it’s never going to beat my BOSE docking station but for something so small and portable it’s party friendly (or sitting in the garden with a glass of wine friendly). We also use it in the car.

I purchased mine via Amazon and chose Gold. Like the Spandau Ballet song.



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