Be More Pirate

March, 29 2019

When Ben (my boss at Urban Foundry) returned from his much needed holiday raving on about a lurid pink book called Be More Pirate, I decided to test out my new and very expensive varifocals by having a read. Written by social entrepreneur Sam Conniff Allende, it claims “Pirates didn’t just break the rules, they … Continue reading “Be More Pirate”

The wheels on the bus

October, 3 2018

After a spectacular breakdown on the M4, my sickly VW Golf had to spend a week in car hospital (aka a garage) leaving me car-less. My second choice of transport is usually a taxi but a week long taxi binge wasn’t going to be kind to my wallet. Especially as I was already considering selling … Continue reading “The wheels on the bus”

Swansea’s best margarita?

June, 13 2018

I’m a bit of a margarita snob. I’m blessed with a partner who’s a chemistry graduate and a master of molecular mixology. Cocktail recipes are obsessively adhered to – unlike me who slops just a ‘bit of this’ and ‘bit of that’ in (usually with a side order of a devastating hangover). A margarita consists … Continue reading “Swansea’s best margarita?”

The Populars (Volcano Theatre) – Pulp, Pants, Sequins and Sweat

April, 5 2017

Oh I enjoyed this show. It was a cathartic performance of banging music, sweaty dancing and unpretentious dialogue. Songs were unpicked, sequins were donned (and un-donned), audience members were chatted to (and danced with) – all whilst subtly acknowledging that elephant in the room – Brexit (shhhh). If you felt a bit rigid with awkwardness … Continue reading “The Populars (Volcano Theatre) – Pulp, Pants, Sequins and Sweat”

Lunch at Govinda’s with Julia

February, 16 2017

After the sad closure of Urban Zen’s beautiful vegan café in Swansea, I have been seeking a falafel themed replacement. I haven’t been to Govinda’s in Cradock Street for years. Random fact, did you know Cradock/Craddock Street is spelt differently depending on which end of the street you are standing on? Anyway, back to Govinda’s, … Continue reading “Lunch at Govinda’s with Julia”