The Populars (Volcano Theatre) – Pulp, Pants, Sequins and Sweat

The Populars at Volcano

Oh I enjoyed this show. It was a cathartic performance of banging music, sweaty dancing and unpretentious dialogue. Songs were unpicked, sequins were donned (and un-donned), audience members were chatted to (and danced with) – all whilst subtly acknowledging that elephant in the room – Brexit (shhhh).

If you felt a bit rigid with awkwardness at the start, inhibitions were soon eroded away by the infectious performers. It’s refreshing to see popular culture celebrated in a show. And hell, they played Pulp – what more does one need?

The Populars

The performers were outstanding. Not just because of their energy and fluidity, but also their fragile honesty. They were the mates of all my yesterdays. I wanted them to be my mates of today. I left thinking they were my best mates. Incredibly impressive performances by all four. I could ramble on for ages but I’m tired and I want to go and seek out Pulp on Spotify. It’s the type of show I could see again. If you are able, go and see it.

PS Loving the new bar at Volcano – especially with the addition of Babs!

The Populars is on until 8th April.

A Volcano Original, conceived and directed by Paul Davies.
Movement Director – Catherine Bennett
Featuring Roanna Lewis, Neal McWilliams, Elin Phillips and Rick Yale
Costume by Al Edge and Allie Saunders

Volcano Theatre Company, 27-29 High Street, Swansea, SA1 1LG

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