The wheels on the bus

Excited at the bus stop

After a spectacular breakdown on the M4, my sickly VW Golf had to spend a week in car hospital (aka a garage) leaving me car-less. My second choice of transport is usually a taxi but a week long taxi binge wasn’t going to be kind to my wallet. Especially as I was already considering selling a kidney to pay for the above car repairs. So I bravely decided to explore Swansea’s bus routes.

I hadn’t travelled on a bus in Swansea since Chesney Hawkes was number one in the charts (1991 to save you working it out) so I was a bit out of touch. Things have changed rather a lot since then.

First Cymru bus

Firstly you can now download First Cymru’s mTickets app. This allows you to buy and store tickets in advance of your journey so you can just scan your phone (I know!) on the bus. You can also pay using a contactless card on the bus. Beam me up Scotty. There are a range of ticket options but it’s definitely cheaper to buy in advance on the app. A First Day ticket costs £4 (as opposed to £4.50 on the bus) and you can travel all round Swansea for the day with that. They have also introduced Flexi5 which allows you to pre-buy 5 First Day tickets for £18 so £3.60 each. Just activate them as you need them. Excited yet?

We’re so conditioned to use our cars that we have forgotten the simple delights of using a bus. It’s sociable, convenient and scenic. Both the number 12 and 13 that circle Townhill and the City Centre take in some beautiful sweeping views of Swansea Bay. No more expensive parking tickets and lonely car journeys. It’s like a social club on wheels and fab for people watching. I have a feeling it’s better for your wellbeing as well as the environment. And it’s a little bubble of time to unwind between the demands of work and the very different demands of home.

It’s not practical for me to travel everywhere on a bus but it’s opened my eyes up to a new mode of travel. I won’t be so quick to order a taxi or use my car now. Plus you can have a cheeky glass of wine whilst your car takes a rest at home.

Thank you to Zoe and Amanda for supplying me with so much bus information and upgrading my dated knowledge. They were very patient.

Am loving bus travel.

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